Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pay Day Wishlist

1. Moto Vintage Joni Jeans - Topshop, 2. Mesh Insert Colour Block Tee - Topshop, 3. Black Pinafore Mini Dress - River Island, 4. Ombre Tree Print Tee - Mint Velvet, 5. Chara Bandage Waist Crop Top - Missguided, 6. Tan Cut Out Double Ankle Strap Boots - New Look, 7. Blouse - H&M, 8. Anisa Print Organza Dress - Mint Velvet, 9. Palma Leather Lace up Shoe Boots - Missguided, 10. Rorry Long Sleeve Mini Dress - Missguided, 11. Dark Blue Classic Denim Shirt - New Look

So these are some of the things I'm thinking of buying when I get my first pay check on Friday!! My dad bought me the Pinafore Mini Dress on Monday when we were in Brighton and I might be getting the infamous Joni jeans on Thursday as a very late birthday gift. I absolutely love the Ombre top from Mint Velvet I adore the tree print, although it is way more then I would ever spend on a top but that's what staff discount is for.

I really like these boots from New Look as I've been looking for a pair of cut out boots for ages and I don't have any brown boots. Finally I saw the white blouse in H&M on a trip to Lakeside last month and I fell in love with it, I have two other white blouses one long and one short sleeve and it's about time I replaced the short sleeved one because I actually hate it.

But before I can get to buying some of these goodies I have to buy uniform for work and sort out how I'm going to pay for travel, but bring on payday!!

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