Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Panic Room (David Fincher, 2001)

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Cast: Kristen Stewart, Jodie Foster, Jared Leto, Forest Whitaker, Dwight Yoakam, Patrick Bauchau

Summary: A divorced woman and her diabetic daughter take refuge in their newly-purchased house's safe room, when three men break-in, searching for a missing fortune.

Genre: Thriller

This is definitely one of my favourite films.
I love how the first 15 maybe 20 minutes of the film are used to introduce us to not only Meg and Sarah Altman (Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart), but also house where all the action takes place.

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea for a story. It definitely makes you think about what you would do in that situation; or what would you do if you have no panic room, where would you hide, how would you escape?
You always think that home is where you're safest but sometimes home can be the worst place to be.

Although I do have a slight obsession with Kristen Stewart, I have to say that I fell in love with the intruders Burnham (Forest Whitaker), Junior (Jared Leto) and Raoul (Dwight Yoakam).
I love the interaction between them and how mismatched they are. They’re so completely different from each other and they clearly don’t get along which makes watching them much more entertaining, especially as none of them know what the others are going to do.

I'm also quite a fan of Jodie Foster and I think that for me as much as I'm obsessed with Kristen Stewart and as much as I like the three men, Foster does the best job out of everybody and she makes me want to watch the film again and again.
panic room 2001 still My two favourite scenes have to be the three guys trying to get into the panic room from below and with the gas and the last few scenes where Jodie Foster shows them why you should never mess with a mother or her child.

My Rating: 10/10
One Final Word: One of the Best

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