Wednesday, 1 May 2013

More Changes + Leave me your blog links

Hey guys! So I've finally handed in the last essay of my 2nd year at uni now all I have left is an exam on the 21st, so I have a bit of free time before I start revising.

It's the beginning of a new month and I've been thinking about doing a new feature, maybe once every two weeks or once a month, like a Q&A but with other bloggers no matter what they blog about. I'll start off with myself first of all sometime next week, and then if that all goes well I'll start emailing other bloggers or you can just leave a comment on the post saying you want to be involved.
A bit of exciting news, (for me rather then you guys but you might get something out of it). I'll tell you about it in a few weeks when everything's more certain

Finally I'll be up to my usual tricks and tinkering about with my layout and HTML codes, so the blog might look a bit strange at times. Oh and leave me your blog links or links to your favourite blogs!!


  1. - but you know that :)

  2. Sounds exciting!

    You can find my blog here:

  3. Sounds quite interesting what you have planned. Here's my link to my site/blog

  4. Please Come join me for my blog hop
    Please share with your friends.

  5. My blog is

    I write in Danish bit in my latest fashion posts theres a english translate also


  7. Oooh, very interesting, and smart on your part! Here's my blog bubblesgr.blogspot. com