Sunday, 28 April 2013

Siren London Wishlist

More wishlists!!! I'm constantly dreaming of money (that I don't have) :(
I'd seen a few links to Siren London's site before I visited it a couple months back and I've finally managed to pick 6 of my favourite items (out of the many I have in my favourites) to make this wishlist. Firstly these dresses! I love the detail on the black dress, I've been looking for similar tops but I think this dress would be perfect and for the mint dress, I absolutely love the colour and the lace but I'm not too sure I could pull of the backless part though. 

Now I've been seeing Jack Daniels top a lot but every time I saw one on a blog they were from vintage shops and I can't be bothered to go hunting in shops just to find one, so I'm glad I've finally found one here. I love these boots because they're black and studded plus you can never have too many boots. Finally this satchel. I already have to satchels but I want another one that's big enough to fit my laptop and my charger as they're both kinda chunky. This colour would be a good change from the usual black and navy bags I own.