Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Crying Game (Neil Jordan, 1992)

Cast: Forest Whitaker, Stephen Rea, Jaye Davidson, Miranda Richardson

Summary: A British soldier is kidnapped by IRA terrorists where he befriends one of his captors, who is drawn into the soldiers world after an escape plan goes wrong.

Genre: Romance, Crime, Drama

To be honest there’s not much I can say about this film except that it truly gave me the shock of my life.

This is another film that was given to me by one of my media teachers when they heard that I had given myself a goal to watch 100 films in a year, and I’m convinced he gave it to me because he knew it would shock me.

The story was a little confusing at first but by the time it ended I quite enjoyed it. Even though I ended up liking the film I struggle to find what to say about it because for me the shock takes over everything else.

Have you seen The Crying Game? What did you think?

My Rating: 6/10
One Final Word: Good

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