Thursday, 22 November 2012

Scriptwriting Program - Celtx

For any of you budding scriptwriters out there I have program for you that will most certainly help you out.
CELTX is an amazing all in one pre-production system aiding in one of the most important aspects of TV and Film.

Celtx Desktop

This can be used on Windows, Mac and Linux. This program allows you to create a number of things from screenplays to comic books to audioplays to novels. Projects can be saved on the desktop or on the cloud service they provide.

This is the one I use and have been using for the past year for my classes at university and it is amazing. It was and still is a major help when it comes to writing my scripts, as it allows you to choose which type of project you wish to create and automatically formats your work for you. It also automatically adapts your script from one type to another if you change your mind, such as from a script to a comic book.

And it's free!! Everything you get here is free and it comes with more (Features), you can also get a plus version that's a measly $14.99.

More to come soon :)

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