Saturday, 12 January 2013

Scriptwriting Celtx: Part 2

Back in November I did a post on the scriptwriting program Celtx and since then I've handed in both my projects an adaptation and black comedy-ish (I think, still not sure what genre it is), so far I've got a B for the adaptation and the other one hasn't been marked yet.
Now back to Celtx.

Celtx has apps for iPad/iPhone and Android for use on the go no matter where you are.


This is just like the desktop version but on the ipad/iphone and Android. So now when a script idea comes to you, you can get it down straight away. It's not free but it's not a ridiculous pric, and if you're serious about scriptwriting I sure you won't mind paying for it.

iTunes- £6.99
Android- £6.29

Scout lets you take pictures of things you find that could be used in your project, locations, props and actors. You can add your own comments and the people you're working with can add comments. Again it's not free but it's cheaper then Script.

iTunes- £2.99
Android- £3.14


This is the storyboarding app but it also lets you create camera and lighting set-ups. It also syncs with your desktop so you can look at them from home. Unlike the others this app is only available on iTunes.

iTunes- £2.99


Sides makes it easy for you to learn your character, zero in on your dialog, and get all the important production details.

iTunes- £2.99
Android- £3.13

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