Thursday, 31 January 2013

Total Film's Greatest 2012 Movie Posters

This is just a list of random entries from Total Film's list of 50 that Empire didn't include in their list, (you can see the whole list here 50 Greatest 2012 Movie Posters

Savages | The Words | Troll Hunter | Only God Forgives (2013) | Man on A Ledge | Lincoln | Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter | Chronicle | John Dies At The End (2013) | Project X | Piranha 3DD | Moonrise Kingdom | The Paperboy (2013) | The Raven | Snow White & the Huntsman | The Woman In Black | This is 40 (2013) | Sinister | Wrath of the Titans

I'm not overly impressed by this collection but there are a few favourites like Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Troll Hunter and I quite like the Savages one, but my absolute favourite is the Avengers one with all the characters.

Do you have any favourites?

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