Friday, 19 April 2013

Wishlist- #2

1. Elasticated Gorilla Red-mouth Printed Dress - Romwe, 2. Shark Sweatshirt - Choies, 3. Black Contrast Leather Quilted Sleeve Zipper Coat - Sheinside, 4. Paley Ombre Blouse - Missguided, 5. Timothy DeLaGhetto Ohh La La Tee - Rodeo Arcade, 6. Metal Decoration Shape Heeled Leather Boots - Choies

 Ugh I really need a job, I've been applying for so many but I haven't had much success. I have nothing to do from now until September wahhhh. Anyway here's another list of clothing wishes.

I have to have this dress because it's amazing I tend to wear a lot of black so the print on this dress would be a nice change. I've been wanting a black coat for months after my parents forced me to get rid of my beloved military coat, the only coat I have that I actually wear is blue. I love the look of this coat and its mega popular with bloggers like Kavita. The Ooh la la tee is from my favourite youtuber Timothy DeLaGhetto. The girl on the top is actually is oh so sexy girlfriend Chia and she is the main reason I want the top. The one thing I'm worried about is custom charges, I've never bought anything from the US but I know the charges can be pretty steep. And these shoes.... just because.

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