Thursday, 23 May 2013

Blogger Picks | The Movie Life of JP

Name: Jaye
Age: 20
What do you do: Full time Film Student/Part time Sales Adviser
Time Blogging: 3 years

How did you get into blogging?

I started blogging in January 2010 when I set myself a goal to watch 100 films I had never seen before in one year. I was in my final year at sixth form when I started, I already had two blogs for my coursework and one of my film teachers suggested that I write about the films I watch on a blog. God knows how many films later (although they're not all on here) here I am, the contents of the blog has changed a bit since I first started but I'm still going.

Pick one of your favourite bloggers and tell us why you love them.

Lulutrixabelle has definitely got to be one of my favourites, pretty sure her blog was the first blog I followed. Lucy is just amazing, I love her style, I love the way she writes, she's mega gorgeous and she come across so natural and confident.

Images taken from Lulutrixabelle

Name 3 of your favourite actors/actresses.

Robert Downey Jr, Dwayne Johnson (mainly for his hotness but he's done a couple of good movies), Guy Pearce, Jodie Foster and Saoirse Ronan.

Pick 5 of your favourite films.

Four Brothers - I love this film beyond words, which reminds me I haven't seen it in a while (my dvd player's broken). Mark Wahlberg, Garrett Hedlund, Terrence Howard and Chiwetel Ejiofor all in one movie for me = pure heaven!

The Lost World: Jurassic Park - My favourite of the three films I think and all because of Jeff Goldblum, well not the only reason but the main reason. I just can't get enough of him.

Let The Right One In - I either read the book first then watched the film or the other way round, but I remember that it answered some questions I had as well as confusing me more. The book was brilliant and the film was just beautiful.

Spirited Away - The first Studio Ghibli film I ever watched which began mine and my sisters fascination with the collection.

Poseidon - I absolutely love the original but this remake is my favourite. I've watched it an insane amount of times and it's one of the films that I could watch on repeat.


Two personal favourite reviews

Cloverfield and The Lovely Bones

and so concludes the first instalment of this new feature. I'm hoping to do one every 2 weeks with a different blogger featured. If you want to be involved in one of these leave a comment with your email address and I'll get back to you. 
What kind of questions do you want to be answered, is blogger picks a good name or should I change it? Obviously questions will change depending on who's being featured, but I still want to know what you think is good and what not. Let me know all your thoughts as I want to make this a good as I can.

ps. sorry I put this up really late, just spent the last couple hours picking my classes for next year.

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