Wednesday, 9 October 2013

"I'm A Stranger Here Myself" - Production Photos

Three weeks ago I started my third and final year at university. We were given the first assignment for my year long production module in the first week, we had to make a short film under 5 obstructions, in the style of Lars Von Trier's film Five Obstructions.

- 2 hours pre-production
- 2 hours shooting
- 2 hours post-production
- All set in a studio
- No more than 90 seconds

We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon completing our task, despite an insanely early start at 7.30 I had the most amazing time on set and we worked with a fantastic crew. Here are some of the pictures I took during the shoot and I'll show you the finished film in a couple of days.

Louis Lagayette
Benjamin Skyrme and Alexandra Agass
Michael Koltes, Noor Lawson, Raphael Ruiz, Jamie Criss, Rachel Halfpenny and Jessica Wilson
All images belong to me, please do not use without my permisson.

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