Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Blogger Picks | November

Another installment of Blogger Picks!! Do you have any favourite blog posts from November?
Megan | Pages By Megan - Aviators || More Megan but this time with handsome boyfriend Will.
Victoria | In The Frow - Art Deco Embellishment
Sophie | Fashion Slave - The Tartan Suit
Anna | Anna Saccone - Happy Halloween || The first and not last appearance of the Saccone Joly clan. Just look at that cute little cupcake!
Olivia | Olivia Emily - Violet
Natasha | Girl In The Lens - Militant
Noor | Queen of Jet Lags - Pastel Colored Jacket || Haha I love that it looks like Noor is actually looking at Naomi's husband Josh and their two small children.
Naomi | Love Taza - Halloween || Really!? A father who dresses up as fire so his children can be firefighters for Halloween! Pure Love
Melissa | Media Marmalade - Dubai Friday Lunch
Noor | Queen Of Jet Lags - A Day In Paris

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