Sunday, 15 February 2015

What's on my Kindle

I had been planning on writing a single post on what some of my favourite e-books are but then I decided, why not make it a regular thing? So welcome to the first of many posts about books I've read and am reading at the moment.

On my birthday last year my parents brought me a kindle because my mum refuses to buy me any more physical books. I didn't use it for the first couple months of but now I use it like mad, a 3 hour journey to and from work means that I have a lot of time for reading.
At the beginning of the year Goodreads, a site for readers and book recommendations created this 2015 Reading Challenge which I thought was a pretty good idea so I thought I'd join in and set myself a goal to read 50 new books this year, and so far I've managed to read 6.

What are you reading?

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