Thursday, 23 April 2015

Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge

So I mentioned back in February in this post on What's On My Kindle that I was doing the Goodreads Reading Challenge for 2015, and I thought I'd update you on how I was doing.
I originally set my goal at 25 before changing it to 50 and as of today (April 5th) I've read 21 books and I'm 7 books ahead of schedule. I still think I could read more books in a year so I think I might up the number when I reach my 50, but here are the books I've read so far (Jan-March).

goodreads 2015 reading challenge jan-march

The Unwanted Series | The Unwanted Wife and A Husband's Regret (Natasha Anders) - I really enjoyed these two books. I read A Husband's Regret first and finished it in one day after staying up all night to read it. I bought The Unwanted Wife straight after reading A Husband's Regret and I loved so much more.

The Greenhouse (5*) (Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir) - I thought this book was incredibly good. I was a little confused at first and at other times because it has been translated from I believe Icelandic. At first I wasn't sure where it was set and if they were speaking English (the name of the author should have been a big giveaway), but after a couple of chapters I got used to it and it's definitely in my top 5.

Fallen Crest Family (2*) - I originally read the first book in this series maybe a couple years back on Wattpad which I actually quite enjoyed and I only bought the second book as the first ended somewhat in a cliff hanger. It didn't really answer questions I had and left me a bit more confused, but it did end with a neat little bow which means I don't think I'll be reading the rest of the series.

The Two of Us (5*) - This is another book in my top five. I had read the blurb but at first when I started reading it I was unsure of where the story was going, but as it turns out I absolutely loved it. It totally moved me and left me in tears. I also loved that it's told from a male perspective.

21 books down, 29 to go. What books are you reading?

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