Monday, 18 May 2015

Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge | April

So here we are with another post on my Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge. In the last post on my Goodreads Reading Challenge I mentioned that I would increase my goal from 50 books when I hit my goal, now I haven't actually reached my goal (I'm only 3 books away) but this afternoon (May 12th) I decided to double my goal to 100.

As of today my Goodreads Reading Challenge is made up of 47 books (including some May books) which equals 11,921 pages, and I'm 11 books ahead of schedule. Pretty awesome right? So here are the books that I read in April.

Clarity Series (3*) (Loretta Lost) - Despite the mid-level rating I actually I think that this is my book of the month. I was up all night reading the whole series one after the other and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Personally I think the first book is the best one in the series (the other 3 weren't as good, the last one for me was the worst even though it was still good).

Beneath The Moon and the Stars (4*) (Holly Martin/Amelia Thorne) - I really, really liked this book maybe even loved it but I can't fully remember everything that happened so it's definitely worth another read. But I did love the air of mystery that surrounds Joy.

Sinner (5*) (Maggie Stiefvater) - I've been in love with Maggie ever since my sister bought me her book Shiver as a birthday present a few years ago. After seeing it on the New York Times Best Sellers list she thought I would like it and she was absolutely right. Now I loved reading Grace and Sam's story in the trilogy but my favourite characters were actually Isabel and Cole, so when I heard that there was a companion novel just for them I knew I had to have it.

Forever Sunshine (5*) (Collette Scott) - Well well another 5* book in April. I felt like I had to give this book a 5. I originally gave the book a 2 but then though don't be too harsh Jaye give it a 3. To be honest the book didn't a 2 or a 3 it truly does deserve the big fat 5. The book was truly incredible, the story was amazing it's just that I was so shocked by the ending I didn't expect it at all and I think that it left me quite angry.

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