Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Goodreads 2015 Reading Challenge | August

So we're another month in and we're almost there!!
I didn't actually read that many books this month as things have been a bit all over the place recently. I started an new job at the end of last month (more on that good news later) and then two days after I started I went on holiday, where it turns out that I didn't have much as much time for reading as I thought I would. But still I guess I was living the life eh?

This month I managed to read 8 books bringing my total to 91 which leaves my 8 books before I reach my 100 and I've read over 25,009 pages.

Daughter (2*) (Jane Shemilt) - A friend at work left this book for me to read after she had read it saying it was amazing. I had heard a few good things about this book and I'd seen countless posters of it on the underground. But unfortunately I didn't like it. I think it was a good book, it's well written, it starts off well and the middle is good, the majority of the book is really good, but I hated the ending. I don't want to say why I hated it because I think it would spoil the book for everybody else. Because I hated the ending so much it brought down my overall opinion of the book. Don't think I'll be reading that one again. (Let me know what you think!)

Coming Home (5*) (Annabel Kantaria) - I loved this book, so full of secrets, lies, love, hate... ooo just so much. I wasn't expecting most of what happened at all, the first major twist got me but it was definitely the final twist on the last few pages that had me shocked. A really great read, kept me captivated throughout.

The Tapestry of Us (2*) (Lily Pickard) - I really liked this book, I know what you're thinking, "but you only gave it a 2!". The book starts off really well but I was confused with the jump between times, for me it wasn't made clear which parts were in the past and what was in the present. Despite all that I still enjoyed the book but what had me disappointed was the ending, this time it just felt like there were a few pages missing, or that there is a sequel where the story continues.

A Single Breath (5*) (Lucy Clarke) - I started this book late last night and despite having to go to work the next morning , I stayed up to finish reading it. After doing that I can say that this book got to me and that certain parts had me crying like a baby. I seem to have a thing for books about grief, love and betrayal. Definitely going to give this book another read.

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