Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Anna Saccone || Anna Saccone

This month's blogger pick is the lovely Anna Saccone of the SacconeJolys!

I started following Anna's blog (Anna Saccone) during her pregnancy with Emilia but I didn't start watching their vlogs until shortly after she was born, and I my friends was obsessed.
What am I talking about, I still am. I love the Sacconejolys! I try not to watch them everyday because I like to let them build up so that I can binge watch them all at once!

I've been meaning to do a little feature on Anna for while but I never got round to it. Then I heard about all the problems she's been having since her miscarriage (Miscarriage at 11 Weeks), and then she made this video (Why I Quit Youtube) and I just wanted to cry.

People can be so mean and hurtful to others (especially those who are successful) and it just isn't acceptable, regardless of who you are. So I thought now is definitely the right time to join in with everyone that's sending blue hearts to Anna by doing this post and saying that Anna is an amazing woman and mother and to wish her all the best and to never give up!

Anna Saccone - all about that cape life
| All About That Cape Life |
Anna Saccone - day at the park
| Day At The Park |
I love this look on Anna, it's not something you would normally see her in but she looks fab! I love those trainers.
Anna Saccone - fashion friday date night
| Fashion Friday: Date Night |
Anna looks gorgeous but it's Eduardo who wins it for me. Look how small he was!
Anna Saccone - fashion friday summer lookbook
| Fashion Friday: Summer Lookbook |
Anna Saccone - milk maid
| Milkmaid |
Love this hairstyle!
Anna Saccone pastels in the rain
| Pastels in the Rain |
I don't think I could pull of blue and pink, especially not pastel pink but Anna does it with such ease.

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