Monday, 22 August 2016

Travel | Šamorín, Slovakia

I've talked about wanting to travel more this year and I mentioned in my last Life Update that we were going on our first family holiday in 5 years!!

I didn't actually take many pictures of the day we arrived but our holiday began on Sunday 31st with a short 2-hour flight from Stansted Airport to Bratislava.

We visited some family and had some traditional Slovakian food (I wasn't really a fan, I'm a VERY fussy eater), just before an absolutely massive storm hit. It was definitely the worst I've ever seen. It was a little cloudy and then all of a sudden it started pouring with rain and then came the thunder and lightning, with lightning strikes only meters from where we were attempting to take cover.

These are only some of the pictures I took, I think I'll try and do a second post with some more pictures at some point.

The second day of our trip was spent in Bratislava. We hopped on a little bus (actually more like a coach) from Šamorín to Bratislava Bus Station before heading to Staré Město to visit Slavín, a memorial and cemetery for Soviet Army soldiers. Definitely worth a visit!

We then headed back towards the city centre and had a little look at some stalls before taking a little tour of some of the city where we also got to pay a quick visit to Bratislava Castle.

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