Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sarah Ashcroft || That Pommie Girl

September's blogger pick is the absolutely incredible Sarah Ashcroft of That Pommie Girl!

I love that she come across as such a genuinely friendly person, she has amazing style and hair, like seriously it's incredible.
Not only does she completely slay at life, but she released her own collection with Missguided and another TWO with Inthestyle and they look absolutely fabulous!

Oh and her car is just amazing!

That Pommie Girl 1
| In The Nude |
That Pommie Girl 2
| Marrakech With Boohoo // #wearedreamers... |
That Pommie Girl 3
| New Beginnings |
That Pommie Girl 4
| Nude Mesh |
That Pommie Girl 5
| Oversized Shearling |
That Pommie Girl 6
| Road Trippin' |
That Pommie Girl 7
| Thanos Hotels \\ Almyra, Cyprus |

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