Saturday, 17 December 2016

All I want for Christmas...

I sent a copy of my Christmas list to my parents and my sister mid November. Yes, that's right we still do Christmas lists, that way our parents have an idea of what we would like.

So here's some of the things I added to my Christmas wishlist!

A Pentatonix Christmas | Friends For Christmas | Tarzan Original Soundtrack (1999)

I've been obsessed with Pentatonix ever since discovering them on youtube during season 3 of The Sing-Off, which they went on to win. Since then I've downloaded almost all of their singles, bought every EP and their first album and I've watched almost all of their youtube videos.

The Tarzan album doesn't really need much explanation. Not only was the film amazing but the soundtrack is written and composed by the genius that is Phil Collins!

Independence Day: Resurgence | Criminal Minds Season 6 | Legend
American Ultra | Room | NCIS Season 11

After reading Room last year during my Reading Challenge I've been looking forward to watching the film, so I really hope it's one of the presents I get.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS3) | Spyro: Shadow Legacy (Nintendo DS) | Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3)

I absolutely love Call of Duty! I started playing it a few years ago on my sister's X-Box before she bought me a Playstation 3 which I've been playing ever since. I only used to play COD when I first got it before adding Driver San Francisco and then Battlefield to my collection.

Lego City Racing | Fintie Kindle Case | Lego City Volcano Exploration Truck
Faux Leather Jacket | Converse Hoody and Pants | Long Boots

I've always loved Lego but I've been getting more into it recently. I bought my very own Lego advent calendar as well as a fire truck that came with a book of building ideas!

I put a pair of Converse tracksuit pants on one of my lists a couple of years ago, but stupidly I didn't do any research and it turns out that they didn't have pockets. So this year I've made sure to add ones that have pockets.

What have you asked for this Christmas?

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