Saturday, 3 June 2017

Blogger Picks | April #4

Four blogger picks in one month!!! What is this I hear you say?!

I normally save up my blog binge for the weekend. So either on Friday or Saturday I go through all the posts from that week and I save them in a folder in my favourites for the end of the month before I look at them again.
Then at the end of the month I pick my favourite ones, comment on my extra favourite ones and pin my extra extra favourite ones.

But last month I was wondering why I was waiting until the end of the month just to show some blogger love. So I decided that every week when I have my binge I'll been comment, favourite, save and pin my favourite posts to show more consistent blogger love.
This is why there's been so many favourites this month!!

April Blogger Picks 27
Kenza | Kenza Zouiten - White Lace and Light Pink Tones
Joƫlle | La Petite Noob - OOTD - Long Weekend Outfits
April Blogger Picks 28
Maegan | Love Maegan - Those Rumors, They Have Big Teeth, Hope They Bite You
Blair | Atlantic Pacific - Stripes in Shanghai
April Blogger Picks 29
Naomi | Love Taza - Easter In London
Merrick | Merrick's Art - The Story of How I Started My Blog and Turned It Into A Career
April Blogger Picks 30
Natalie | The Only Ones - Why University Wasn't For Me (& you shouldn't worry if it isn't for you, either)
Lydia | Fashion Influx - Feeling Good
April Blogger Picks 31
Helena | Brooklyn Blonde - Spring Style: White Out
Krystin | Suburban Faux Pas - All The Feels
April Blogger Picks 32
Helena | Brooklyn Blonde - Nate Is One!
Naomi | Love Taza - London's Noting Hill, Good Eats, Science Museum and Friends!
April Blogger Picks 33
Angelica | Angelica Blick - Cherry Blossom
Jessica | Not Jess Fashion - The Key To Pulling of the Bold Ruffles Trend
April Blogger Picks 34
Emily | Cupcakes and Cashmere - An Emotional Few Weeks
Justin | Scout Sixteen - Summer Uniform
Claudia | Beauty and The Chic - How I Set Up PaperChicCo
Lydia | Fashion Influx - Buying a House | My Basics
April Blogger Picks 36
Geneva | A Pair & A Spare - Cocktail Idea: Giant Fruit Ice Cubes
Christine | Hello Fashion - Family Sportswear Styles on Sale

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