Monday, 10 May 2010

Cool Hand Luke (Stuart Rosenberg, 1967)

What we got here is… failure to communicate"

Cast: Paul Newman, George Kennedy, Strother Martin, Robert Drivas, Joy Harmon, Dennis Hopper

Summary: A man refuses to conform to life in a rural prison

Genre: Crime, Drama

For a good few years now I've been watching the program NCIS (the Naval version of CSI), and for anyone who watches the show Tony Dinozzo is the only reason why I knew anything about this film. After my parents heard me quoting parts of the film they decided to buy me the DVD and well here we are.

When Luke first enters the camp we learn that he is a war hero who climbed the ranks but ended up leaving the same rank that he entered like he “was just passing time”.
Luke is a pretty clued-up guy, he may not speak much but he knows a lot, which you can definitely see in the car washing scene with “Lucielle”. He certainly seems to be the only one who is aware of what's happening in and around the camp.

I really enjoyed this film and then I didn't enjoy it. It was one of those films where the ending made me angry so I didn't know what to think, I did try to watch it a second time but I gave up halfway through because I knew what the outcome was going to be.

Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand" - Cool Hand Luke

My Rating: 8/10
One Final Word: Excellent

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