Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Life as a Film Student- #1

When I started writing this I was sitting in one of the cafés on campus planning productions and blog posts with my delicious Belgian chocolate chip cookie, (I miss this cookie).
Anyway, my sister keeps going on at me to post more about what I do at uni so here’s a little post about what I got up to on Monday.

For the past few weeks Monday’s have just been for meetings. I had a meeting with my Directing Drama tutor (Director Paul Tickell, Christie Malry's Own Double Entry, 2000) and the rest of my group. The majority of the meeting was spent discussing our final production piece, where we showed him a clip of the scene we are planning to do and a couple pages of the adapted script.
The last few minutes were spent discussing our technical exercise, which we have to do before our final piece for the module. The technical exercise is just to show how well we work with the equipment, so to help us get started we have to have refresher camera training and refresher edit training


My group picked the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally (Rob Reiner, 1989), we’ve managed to find our actors and get our location, we did a quick rehearsal with the actors today and we’ll be shooting tomorrow morning.
I’ll try and take some pictures of the shoot tomorrow to show you guys.


  1. such a classic scene! have a fun time shooting


    1. Very classic, but I've still not watched the film yet. Thank you, we had a great time shooting.
      Cool blog

      Jaye x

  2. Hey Jaye! Thank you for the birthday wishes Lady! You are a gem!

    I totally love this scene! So funny! You so have to watch the film! :)

    Nike O.

    1. Hey Nike, you're very welcome. I hope you had a good day :)
      I will, I got the dvd from the library to watch it this weekend!

      Jaye xx