Sunday, 10 February 2013

Prouction Excercise: When Harry Met Sally

A few days ago I did my first post on Life as a Film Student talking about my Directing Drama class.

For the module we have to shoot a short exercise to show our technical ability before we can move on to the final project, so on Tuesday we did a quick rehearsal with our three actors. We took them through an empty classroom and went through what we wanted them to do before, getting them to read through the script and then run through it as though we were filming.

Here things began to look as though they were going downhill.

The girl we picked to use as Sally couldn't do the orgasm, which is understandable as there were 6 people (five girls and 1 guy) watching her and she only knew one of them. At one point the guy playing the role of Harry swapped roles with her and did the orgasm himself, we even offered to do it with her so she wouldn't feel as nervous or embarrassed but that didn't work out either. So a couple of us left the room to give them some privacy and when we got back she was finally able to do it.

Jump to Wednesday 8.30am we were all set up and about to shoot I noticed that there was no sound coming through the boom. Major crisis as the technician wouldn’t be in until 9.30, but thankfully I found the module leader who gave me new cable but once again the sound wasn't coming through. So we went back to the module leader to get a new camera and BINGO we had lift off.

Cast and Crew in action

We did come across a few other problems with the library and the reluctance of the head Libraian, but in the end we managed to get it all filmed and we were out of the library by 10.30. We headed to the editing suite around 11/11.30 and had a rough cut edited by 2.30, Thursday we came back and started fixing the sound and Friday we added the finishing touches.





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    3. Thanks :) Yeah they really are except having to carry all that heavy equipment