Monday, 15 April 2013


So like I mentioned in a post a couple days ago it was my 20th birthday last Saturday (6th). I went out in the evening but I didn't really take any pictures of my outfit so I thought I'd show you some of the stuff I got from my parents and sister.

Converse Top- from New York| Casette iPhone case- Similar here| Belkin iPhone case- Similar here

This goes around the back of a microphone on a stand to stop noise being recorded. Although it was bought for my birthday, it's something both me and my sister will use and I'll probably only ever use it when she's at home anyway. Our mini studio is beginning to take shape.

 The Host- Stephanie Meyer| Survival- Chris Ryan| Ratcatcher- Chris Ryan
The Ruins| Ponyo| Right at your Door| Priest
Books and DVDs are my favourite type of present! Anyone who knows me knows I'm obssessed with dvds and special features so these were perfect. I've been reading actual books a lot more recently rather then on my phone when I found a bunch that I've had for 2 years but never read.

Satchel- Zatchels| iPhone 3gs- my mum's old phone

and finally this amazing beauty is now in my possession

Pretty much in love with everything Samsung even though I've changed to an iPhone, but the iPhone has way better memory then my Samsung and I've wanted an iPhone for years.

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