Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wishlist- #4

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I realised the other day I don't really have many going out dresses so I'm on a mission to find a bunch in the next few months. The two dresses in the top row are from Missguided, now the first dress is more of a going out dress then the contrast one but I have feeling it won't suit me as well, but I think I'm definately going to order them both when I get the chance.

Now the dress and the shirt in the second row are both from Mint Velvet. Payday's coming up and I'm thinking about getting these two pieces as part of my uniform. I already have a pair of jeans, trousers and a top but I want a shirt and I'm really hoping the dress will fit because none of the ones I've tried on so far actually do.

This whole wishlist is looking very monochrome but I'm actually attempting to get myself into wearing brighter colours so I thought I'd add in the cami from Topshop, and because I don't actually own one yet.

(Pictures from Missguided, PRShots, H&M and Topshop)

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