Thursday, 20 June 2013

OOTD: Fathers Day

Denim Shirt, Primark via Asos - £10 | LBD, H&M - £12 | Wedges, Parmar - £10

Gasp!!! A no glasses shot! I hate not having glasses on: 1. because I can't see, 2. I think I look weird without them and 3. I have really squinty eyes. Anyway, Sunday was Father's Day so my mum, dad, sister, two younger cousins, their parents and myself went to the buffet resturant Cosmo and this is what I wore.
I'm not really a fan of the resturant, it was fun the first couple of times but now I'm not impressed less because I'm fussy and more because I've realised it's just the same food everytime. Plus the dessert is seriouslsy slacking, I'm not one for cold cake and food that people's hands have been all over.

I ordered the shirt on Asos the day they started selling Primark goodies, I ordered it in a 10 along with and I love the fit of the shirt, slim fitting but not too tight.
I bought this little black dress in summer last year and I love it although it does ride up a lot and finally these shoes! I just happened to see them sitting on the bottom shelf and I couldn't beleive they were only £10, they were an instant buy.

Oh the pictures are a bit blurry as there was a big dirty finger print on the lense :(

(All images are my own)

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