Sunday, 22 September 2013

Travel | Puerto Rico, Gran Canaria: #2

The rest of the group arrived on the evening of our first day, so the next morning we decided that we would visit the beach we amanged to glimpse the day before.
This meant we had to tackle the 700 steps, which to be honest proabably doesn't sound that bad considering your walking down and not up, but our legs were shaking long before we had even got to the bottom.
We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw people exercising on the steps and one guy was even running up them with a bike!

The best part of the day definietly had to be when we had lunch at a McDoanlds that had a walk-thru, a little take-away window for pedestrians!

gran canaria 3
gran canaria 4
gran canaria 4
The beach and the pier from the 700 steps, with about 300 steps left to go.

gran canaria 6
gran canaria 7
In the evening we headed back down the 700 steps to get a little shopping center that was across the road from the McDonalds.

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