Thursday, 9 January 2014

Terminal - Production Photos

So I'm back!!! Well for now anyway, but this post has been in my drafts for a while as you can probably tell.

I've been so busy these last few months with general classes and preparing for my dissertation, but then on top of that having to prepare for our next production. After filming our 90-second short I'm A Stranger Here Myself our group went into pre-production meeting up once a week to discuss script, auditions, crew and all that jazz.
Finally after weeks of planning November 16th came and filming began which meant 12-13 hour days.

Living in Essex when the rest of your group lives in London has it's downside.

Anyway here's some pictures from the set!!

These were taken on a shoot I did with Kes for the cover of his characters book which you'll see further down.
L-R: Sylvi Kim, William Snape (yes from The Full Monty), Raphael Ruiz, Maria Helle Spence, Alexia Turchi, Hannan Atlkaboud, Jamie Weston and Kes Baxter

All images belong to me, do not use without my permission

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