Monday, 2 June 2014

The End of an Era, Well 3 Years

So it's official. Well it's been official for a month but I'm only just getting round to writing this post, but I finally finished university on April 30th and I graduate on July 16th!

April was jam packed for me what with writing an 8000 word dissertation, a 2000 word essay, visiting friends and family and celebrating my 21st birthday, so I took the first 2 weeks of April off work to give me a bit of extra free time to get everything done.

Fast forward a few tears and panics I had finally finished my dissertation, but actually submitting it was a BIG BIG hassle. First the file was too big to submit online; secondly when I went to print it the printer I used somehow managed to change the font to an Arial 9 and the rest Arial 12.
After a panicked phonecall to my dad, he resent me the file and I ran to a different shop to print it out (which ended up being a lot cheaper, although quite a bit longer), before running to Rymans to get it bound for a lovely £3.69.

Thankfully I didn't get caught up in the tube strikes when I made my way to submit my bound copy an HOUR before the deadline (which I was amazed by, seeing as I don't live close).

I thought that was the end of it until. The day after I almost had a heart attack when I received an email from my supervisor saying that I failed to submit my bound copy. She thought it was strange that I wouldn't submit work and not email her if there was a problem. I told her I did indeed submit it and she managed to find it a couple of hours later... right where I submitted it, in the drop box where it was supposed to be submitted. I mean honestly.

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