Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Blogger Picks | July

Here are some of my favourite posts from last month.
Rose | The Londoner - Over The Rainbow, Florence - I'm loving both these dresses on Rose!
Helena | Brooklyn Blonde - Touch of Chestnut - I think I'm a bit obsessed with Helena looks.

Kayla | Not Your Standard - A New Chapter
Laura | buynow/bloglater - Groundbreaking - I really love this top, not sure if I could pull it off though.

Blair | Atlantic-Pacific - Feelin' Like Ms. Frizzle
Geneva | A Pair & A Spare - How To Email Someone You've Never Met (So They'll Actually Reply) - I'm loving this article especially since I've just started a new job, but more on that later.

Helena | Brooklyn Blonde - With A Pop
Aimee | Song of Style - Summer Shirt Dress - I love both of these outfits, like really, really love them.

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