Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blogger Picks | Favourite Posts of 2015

Fav Posts of 2015 2
Esther | Story Of This Life - A Matter of Time || I absolutely love this piece!
Noor | Smuug - Open Letter To The World
Unfortunately the site doesn't seem to be available, but for anyone who did manage to catch this I thought it was just stunning.
Fav Posts of 2015 3
Gemma | What's In Her Wardrobe - Lace Shirt Dress
Olivia | What Olivia Did - The Season of Giving
Fav Posts of 2015 4
Charissa | Charissa Rae - All That Glitters
Melissa | Media Marmalade - A Classic Style
Clearly you can tell that I really, really love these outfits!
Fav Posts of 2015 5
Lydia | Lydia Elise Millen - Vector
Monogrammed scarf!! Err yes please!
Lucia | Style Confessional - Starry Eyed
Fav Posts of 2015 6
Natasha | Girl In The Lens - Metamorphosis
Katy | Little Winter - A House I Called Home
Fav Posts of 2015 7
Laura | Buy Now Blog Later - Very FAQ!
Fav Posts of 2015
Suzie | Hello October - Goodbye 2015
Can you believe that?! Nine years with her boyfriend! I love hearing things like this.
Shannon | GBO Fashion - In Which A Cat Photobombs My Pic...

Do you have any favourite post from last year?

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