Sunday, 6 March 2016

Blogger Picks | February

February Blogger Picks 1
Helena | Brooklyn Blonde - Burgundy
Xenia | Xen's Imagination - Not Blue Suede
February Blogger Picks 2
Georgia | Georgia Luisa Meramo - Berlin Rain
Emma | Collage Me Pretty - Getting Award Season Ready with Boohoo
February Blogger Picks 3
Sandra | 5 Inch and Up - Dry Clean Only
I absolutely love Sandra and this swimsuit is just top notch, if only it wasn't so expensive!
Blair | Atlantic Pacific - TGIF Denim Style
February Blogger Picks 4
Emily | Cupcakes and Cashmere - Sloans's 1st Birthday
Look at this cutie pie!! Her eyes are amazing and she has the coolest name!
Naomi | Love Taza - Five Years Old
Look at this other cutie pie! Too much cuteness
February Blogger Picks 5
Chia | Just Peachy - How To: Brows
When I actually start to do my make-up properly, I'll definitely be using Chia's tips on how to do my brows.
Gemma | What's In Her Wardrobe - Old Harry: The Cosiest of Jumpers

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