Sunday, 18 June 2017

Travel | Barcelona - Part One


Our holiday started with a long journey back from our cousins wedding in Sudbury to our house in London, where we grabbed our suitcases and hopped on the train to London Liverpool Street station.
My sister, Venessa and I met up with my best friend, Ruby, and we all jumped on the Stanstead Express to the airport.

I booked us a private transfer so when we landed at around 7pm we grabbed our bags and find our driver who took us to our apartment, EnjoyBCN Gaudi where we stayed with 3 of my sisters friends.
We got changed and then headed straight out to dinner, to a restaurant called Tapas 24. I didn't take any pictures on our first night so I'll start with what we got up to on our first full day.
barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2
We were seconds from the Sagrada Familia, so every day as we headed to the metro we were greeted by this magnificent sight that we constantly took pictures of.
barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2

My gorgeous sister in the yellow dress and my best friend in the playsuit!!!

Our first day started with a trip to Primavera Sound festival so my sister could collect her wristband before heading down to La Rambla, a tree-lined street full of shops, stalls and restaurants.

Almost every (if not every) restaurant has someone outside to try and persuade you to eat in that particular restaurant so it was a little overwhelming at times, but then we spotted one small restaurant called Taller de Tapas and after a quick glance at the menu we decided this was the place to eat.

It was my first time having tapas and I absolutely loved it. I had grilled prawns with extra virgin olive oil and Maldon salt, grilled chicken kebab marinated with herbs and spices and patatas bravas which is fried potatoes! The prices were very good, the food and atmosphere were great and the mojitos were strong! If you're planning a visit to Barcelona I would definitely recommend visiting this restaurant.

barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 Friday

We spent a few hours by the pool on the roof on our second day, well when I say we I really mean everyone else. I don't sunbathe ever, so whenever I'm by the pool or on the beach when on holiday you can find me on sun lounger under an umbrella.

Unfortunately there were no umbrella's here so I ended up sitting by myself in the shade on the other side of the pool, before I gave up and headed inside because it was way too hot.

The pool itself was nothing to write home up (I forgot to take pictures but you can see them on the EnjoyBCN Gaudi link above), it is very small and there were only 5 sunbeds.

We then went for a walk down the streets by the apartment where we found this cute little chocolate shop (I forgot to get the name of it) that had all kinds of sweet treats before we headed back to the apartment to get the rest of the girls so we could head to dinner.
barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2 barcelona day 1+2
Venessa, Ruby and I ended up at a restaurant called Bacoa near Barceloneta (right by the beach!) while the others ate nearby at a place called Salamanca.

We loved Bacoa! We had to take a menu and tick what meat we wanted, if you wanted a bun, style of chips, extras like bacon and cheese and what drink you wanted. You can find the menu here: Bacoa Burger Menu
All three of us had something different. Ruby had the Gran Vegano burger, Venessa had the Suiza burger and I had the Pollo burger. Venessa and Ruby were also obsessed with the €2 cups of wine.

On the way back to the metro one of the girls went to a shop called Eyescream and Friends and got that incredibly cool ice cream!

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