Thursday, 22 June 2017

Travel | Barcelona - Part Two


At around 2pm we headed back down to La Rambla for a look around the La Boqueria Market. We didn't actually do anything in the morning, the girls just take ages to get ready.

The market was absolutely fantastic! It was full of stalls selling fresh fish, meat, vegetables, dried and fresh fruit that you could make into a juice! There were also quite a few small tapas restaurants inside the market but it was way too packed for me to even consider eating there.

I really wish that we could have brought a few prawns to cook back at the apartment and we were all amazed at the crab for only €4!
Maybe next time!
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For lunch we headed back to Taller de Tapas (you can tell we're loving this place). The first time we visited we all had margarita's (that quickly went straight to our heads) so this time I decided on a Caipiroska de Fresa which was absolutely heavenly.
That drink also went straight to my head as the alcohol was masked by the sweetness of the drink! Just how I like it.

After lunch/dinner we walked down to one end of La Rambla and had a look at the stalls which is where we discovered these amazing miniature instruments from KosmoArte. I bought a little something for Father's day but I wish I had bought a few more pieces. I may have to buy some online or book another trip to Barcelona!

We headed back to our apartment where Ruby cooked us couscous for dinner, which was a first for both my sister and I.
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I felt quite down on day 4 and couldn't wait to go back home, but luckily we had a very chilled day watching films before we finally decided to head out for dinner.

Earlier in the day the other girls we were staying with headed to a restaurant called Flamant for lunch which is where we decided to go for dinner. We had a quick look at the menu and decided we should go there for dinner.
Unfortunately when we got there we realised the place wouldn't be open for dinner for another hour, so we took a long stroll around the area where we found a place called Soda Bus where we sat down for a cocktail.

I ordered a candy mango drink which came in a brown paper bag! We thought she made a mistake and had brought us food until she pulled out the glass filled with ice and fruit, a bottle with the cocktail and a shot glass of dry ice!

Definitely wish I could have tried more cocktails there.

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