Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Travel | Barcelona Tips

Metro Tickets

I'm putting this top of my list because I thinks it's the most important!

I read Caroline's post on 10 Things To Do In Barcelona where she talks about buying a T-10 metro ticket. Now, this was totally my plan when I got to Barcelona but instead I listened to the other girls we were staying with and bought a 5 day Hola BCN! travel card for around €33.
Th 5 day travel card includes unlimited journeys on public transport over 5 consecutive days, while the T10 is a multi-person travel card valid for 10 intermodal journeys from zones 1-6.
I told my friend to buy the T-10 and it expired on our last day so she had to buy one more ticket, but she ended up saving around €20.

I definitely recommend getting the T-10 ticket, but if you're planning on using the metro like mad, you can also get 2, 3, and 4 day Hola BCN! travelcards.
metro tickets

Places to Eat & Drink

Tapas 24 - I think I would try this again, although the food was pretty pricey we had a great server who made us fantastic cocktails.

Taller de Tapas - We visited both the Rambla Catalunya and Rambla de les Flors stores. We only ordered from the tapas menu, picked 3 plates each every time and it was just enough for one person. Cheap prices, decently sized portions (one item said grilled chicken kebab or something but comes with chips as well).

Bacoa - I definitely recommend grabbing a bite to eat here, I love a good burger and this place definitely delivered. You get to choose everything that goes into your burger, even the type of bread! I do wish they had a bigger selection of alcoholic drink (I would have killed for a cider) but if you like burgers and wine/beer this place is definitely for you.

Eyescream and Friends - I didn't get anything from here myself but I'm absolutely dying to pay this shop a visit on my next trip.

Salamanca - This is another place that we didn't visit but if you love seafood then this is probably the place for you. I totally would have gone there but the prices were a little bit too steep for us.

Soda Bus - At first we were only interested in this bar because io the bus that was inside, then we saw the cocktail list as we walked past. From what I remember they were €7-8 each. I wish we were able to try a couple more but I definitely recommend getting the Candy Mango, especially for the gram or snapchat.

Flamant - This restaurant looks super fancy outside and even fancier in the inside. The prices were very reasonable (similar to Taller de Tapas prices) cheap prices, large portions, but once again I wish there were more alcoholic choices.

food and drink

Places To Go

La Rambla - La Rambla is a tree lined street full of people, stalls and shops, there are also a number of streets just off La Rambla that definitely need to be explored.

La Boqueria Market - La Boqueria Market is located just off La Rambla full of fresh fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables and various tapas bars.

Erotic Museum of Barcelona - When we came out of the metro this was the first thing we saw and we knew our trip wouldn't be complete without a little visit. I thought it was pretty interesting, but I would have loved to have done the tour with an audio guide, which you can do if you book online.

KosmoArte Stall La Rambla - If you're a music fan I definitely recommend visiting this stall. I know I will be on my next trip.

Montfalcon - We headed down one of the sides roads just off La Rambla and ended up in the gothic quarter where we found this amazing shop. Ever since my trip to Cyprus for a friend’s wedding, I have been buying a photo album from the country to fill with my favourite pictures from the trip and I managed to find my Barcelona one here!

Sagrada Familia - We knew that we wanted to do a tour of this place before we even got to Barcelona, and wow what a treat it was! It truly is spectacular, definitely a photographer's dream.
We purchased the audio guide tour for around €20, which I highly recommend. You can also book a tour that includes going up in the towers!

Park G├╝ell - Unfortunately we didn't get the chance to visit here but it's definitely on the top of my list for my trip.
places to go and see

P.S. We also visited a few sex shops! There are loads dotted around, including a couple or giant ones that are definitely worth a visit!

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