Saturday, 11 December 2010

Road To Perdition (Sam Mendes, 2002)

road to perdition 2002 poster

Cast: Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law, Stanley Tucci, Daniel Craig, Tyler Hoechlin

Summary: He shouldn’t have been there. But in the moment that Michael Sullivan’s son witnesses a brutal slaying, the lives of this 12-year-old and his gangsta father are shattered irrevocably and their destinies forever joined.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Drama

To be honest, I'm not normally one for films like this although I do love my Thrillers I'm not really a fan of gangster films. However saying that I did actually end up really liking this film.

I was very impressed with the performances of the actors; especially Jude Law who I've always thought of as being your typical London boy, but then he came onscreen and he had this brilliant American accent. I also thought Tom Hanks gave a really good performance but I was a little unsure about his accent, and I can't believe I didn’t even realize that Mr Rooney was Paul Newman.

30 minutes into the film I can safely say that I was not expecting that! This is definitely a type of story I love, stories about the love parents have for their family, especially their children and the length’s they'll go to to protect them.

My Rating: 8/10
One Final Word: Very Good

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