Tuesday, 30 July 2013

What I'm Excited To See- Tarzan 3D (2014)

So at the end of June I did the my first post on my Most Rewatched Films which included the 1999 Disney Tarzan movie, and doing a small bit of research (typing Tarzan into Google) I found out that another Tarzan movie is being made!

Now I didn't know whether to make this the 2nd post of What I'm Excited to See because I'm not sure if I'm excited or just horrified. Firstly I'm not keen on the use of motion capture, I think that might be because I'm just so used to thinking of Tarzan the animated Disney way that I can't picture it looking any other way.
Plus the Disney one has a soundtrack featuring Phil Collins, I mean how much better can it get. The story of both the Disney version and the 3D one differ the original story, in the Disney version Tarzan and his parents escape a burning ship before his parents are later killed by Sabor whereas in the 3D one his parents were killed in a plane crash and he is the only survivor.

Doing a little more reading I found some connections between these films and the original story one being that Tarzan's real name is John Clayton, Earl Greystoke; Clayton being his enemy in the 1999 Disney film and Greystoke being the name of his father's company in the 3D film.

I don't know much more about the film and I haven't seen the trailer but I have to say after doing a bit of reading I'm am looking forward to seeing what Tarzan 3D will be like.

Anyone else intrigued??

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