Sunday, 4 January 2015

Outfit | Noa

Just a quick outfit post on another piece from my Mint Velvet work uniform. I'm definitely a jeans and a t-shirt, blouse or jumper girl, don't get me wrong I love wearing a skirt and a dress but more often than not you'll find me traipsing about in a pair of jeans; especially at work. That all changed (albeit briefly) when this dress came in at work. Let me introduce you to the Noa Dress.

I fell in love with the print and the style as soon as I saw it which luckily for me just happened to be the day it was delivered to our store. I think I bought the dress as uniform sometime in July or August (which is when these pictures were taken, I know a long time ago) but I've only worn the dress to work about two times much to the dismay of my manager.

I really do love the dress but I felt uncomfortable working in it especially when walking up and down stairs all day.
There are also two other tops in the Noa collection, the Noa Print Double Layer Top and the Noa Print Side Ruched Top.
You can read more about the story of the Noa Print in the Mint Velvet Magazine here.

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